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San Diego Home Buying Guide

homebuying guideFirst Time Home Buyer or Seasoned "Pro" - Your Investment is in YOU and YOUR FAMILY

You'll be surprised at how easy it actually can be to buy a home. Most people don't take the important step towards home ownership because they are afraid they may not qualify or can't afford a home. But, as a first time or repeat home buyer, it may actually be easier than you think!

With home buyer programs featuring low (or zero %!) down payments, and a seasoned professional like me (who works with a network of experienced and talented lenders) to guide you every step of the way, you will be decorating your own home in no time!

Making a decision to buy a home is a major commitment, and the decision has both economic and emotionally satisfying implications. Instead of paying the landlord's mortgage every month, homeowners pay their own mortgage and build up equity in their investment. As a homeowner, when you paint, plant flowers, or make any improvements to your home, your family reaps the benefits of a more satisfying living environment.

Homeowners are able to experience the wonderful feeling of pride of ownership.

Once again, purchasing a home can be quite simple. Often times, people over think the process, trying to "time the market". As a renter, every month paying rent is paying your hard earned money towards your landlord's mortgage. In a nutshell, any "market" is a good market when you know and are in control of your housing payment and your payment is going towards your equity and not your landlord's.